Enterprise At first ,, Sante GMT products’’ was located in the centre of Tbilisi, but in 60s it was transferred to a new place and where it is located till nowadays. According to Today’s data the Enterprise’s whole territory is 8 hectares.  It comprises of Dairy plant and logistic-administrative office. The Dairy consists of milk reception, laboratory, quality control and other factories such as: cheese, lactic acid, cottage cheese, desserts and other lines. ,,Sante GMT products’’ applies a pressure type operating process, which minimizes the staff’s contact with the products. The company pays a special attention to hygiene and food safety. Sante GMT products is the first enterprise which produces Matsoni, ultra-pasteurized milk and milk dessert’s  made of local strains of lactic acid bacteria. 


The number of company employee is approximately 500, half of them works at a factory, while the other half at administrative, logistic and commercial departments. There are several logistics bases of the company located in different regions: Kakheti, Samegrelo, Adjara, Imereti.