History of Sante

"Sante GMT Products" was founded in 1997 on the basis of Tbilisi Dairy Plant. Dairy Plant was functioning in the 50s and was the largest milk producing spot in the Transcaucasia. Since 2016, "Sante GTM Products" has become a member of the Worlds Dairy Products Market Leader Group-"Lactalis". “Lactalis Group owns more than 200 enterprises worldwide and is known for such brands as:,,President", ,,Galbani", and ,,Parmalat". Since 2011 Sante GTM Products is actively investing in the development of milk reception infrastructure, which will make it the biggest company in Georgia for milk reception and production.


  • Brands 
  • "Sante GTM Products" accounts for 150 different products of milk and dairy products and five brands:
  • - "Sante" - the classic dairy products brand;
  • - "Santino" - premium, high mountain milk products brand;
  • - "Santisimo" - brand of dairy desserts;
  • - "Santisimo Amore" - specially designed desserts line for women;
  • - "Sanebo" - traditional and melted cheese brand;
  • - "Loco Moco" - a brand of children's dairy products with omega-3 and calcium content.
  • Social responsibility 
  • The company was the first in Georgia to get milk from the farmers across the country. With this initiative, Sante GTM Products promotes the development of stockbreeding and agriculture. In 2016- 2017, within the scope of social responsibility, the company was conducting a project for the promotion of high mountainous regions and eco resorts of the country #Santinos motherland. In 2018, the company launched a PR campaign for use and popularization of Georgian farmers' raw materials. In the framework of the campaign the customers were getting familiar with farmers living in different regions of the country which deliver milk to Sante. On June 22, 2018, the "Mokolend" trail was opened in the Zedazani forest, in the territory of Tbilisi National Park. Within the social responsibility scope of Sante GMM Products, a walking trail was created which connects Zedazani forest with village Shankevani. On the 1010 meter above sea level the picnic and entertainment space were arranged (Ecologically clean, entertaining playground with wooden structures).


Future plans

The company has a goal to develop Georgian entrepreneurship and as an industry leader to introduce innovations and news in dairy products category. Including the cheese.



  • Awards 
  • ISO 9001, ISO 22 000, HACCP, Member of Georgian Quality Fund, Certificate of Euro Standard "Sante" is the owner of three international certificates. It is the first milk and dairy products Company in the South Caucasus that has received ISO certification. ISO 9001 certificate evaluated an organized work of management, and the HACCP certificate confirmed that the company is the owner of the certificated system of controlling food product’s safety. The company also owns the ISO 22 000 category certificate, which confirms that the safety norms of manufactured products are strictly protected.